Transform On Purpose! What If You Could?

By | January 2, 2013

Transform On Purpose! What If You Could?

transform on purposeWhat if you could Transform On Purpose?  Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to Transform your health, your weight, maybe get fit, get stronger, or maybe you want to transform in some other way for 2013! Did you know that January is National Be On-Purpose Month? What better time to begin to Transform!

Do you have a plan for your health and wellness this year?  (Plan) Have you set the plan into motion? (Action) This would be on purpose!

The only other way to transform is to see what happens.  (The no plan, plan)  Wait and See if you Feel like it.  (No Action) because you never feel like it!!

I don’t guarantee many things in life however I can guarantee that the no plan, no action transform on purpose will result in being further behind in your health and wellness goals for your life, not just your year.

Here is what I mean.  Last night I was doing some cleaning and found a box full of old pictures.  There were pictures of me from about 15 years ago.  It was quite shocking for me to see those pictures today because back then I was sick, very overweight, swollen, struggling and living with extreme pain.  My weight was about 260 lbs., I struggled to go out and walk.  I was not exercising at all at that time.  My diet was poor, my energy was low, my mood was low.  I had no plan, and definitely was not living on purpose!

Purpose In Life – It’s A Decision

After a few years of struggle, I made a decision to begin to live on purpose.  I decided that it was time to transform my life on purpose. You see I knew if I didn’t my future would be dim, painful, continuous struggle and that would not be acceptable for me.  I decided to begin the journey to better purpose

This is the reason I know how it feels to be unhealthy and not quite know what to do about changing it!  Making health a priority can be an empowering life changing decision! Taking control of your health, doing the things you know need to be done to feel better, think better, have more fun and adventure in your life are right at your fingertips just like they were at mine.

The first thing I did was decide to transform my life on purpose! The second thing I decided was to stop drinking pop (diet pop is not an option) and I started to drink water!  Sound simple right? See our 10 Good Health Tips here

Without realizing it at the time I had made a little plan for myself.  I would take baby steps, one at a time.  Do the things I knew I would succeed at and then move on to the more challenging things I wanted to transform on purpose.

So, what is one baby step you can take today to begin to transform on purpose?


Today’s Transformation Training Session- Day 1 TT @ home to build muscle.

Transform On Purpose! What If You Could?
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Transform On Purpose! What If You Could?
What if you could Transform On Purpose for 2013? What better time to begin to Transform than right now, right here? Some ideas for you here today
Wendy Bottrell

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