Walk With Me, Talk With Me, Enjoy The Journey

By | June 12, 2013

Walk With Me, Talk With Me, Enjoy The Journey

A few months ago I went out for a walk and was inspired to post it in this way.  Today I will share that walk with you here!  Before I do let me ask you this, Do you get out and walk?  Do you walk for health, do you walk for inspiration, do you walk to connect with friends and family?  What are your reasons to get out and walk?

It was an absolutely beautiful winter day here where I live just outside of Toronto, Canada and I invite you to take a walk with me.  I decided to go out to do a video and as I was walking back I was inspired to do this blog post for you today.

You see what I have learned about the health, wellness, fitness and gluten free living is the journey can have all kinds of challenges.  There can be the straight road!  On the straight road sometimes it might just seem too easy!  This is where we might not focus like we need to because we don’t see anything standing in our way. Focus is important for the journey.

20130206 104349 225x300 Take a walk with me

You decide on a path and there will be no obstacles in the way!  It is easy street.  You simply move forward, enjoy the journey.  Until there is your first distraction.

20130206 104411 225x300 Take a walk with me

Now it may not really look like a  distraction right! Yet it stops you in your tracks.  What will you notice about this distraction?  Will you allow it to stop your journey?  Will you allow the distraction to take you on a different path?  Or will you enjoy in momentarily and then continue on?  What happens when the distraction turns into a dead end?

20130206 104541 225x300 Take a walk with me

No worries right!  Return to your planned path on continue on.  Congrats on seeing these first few challenges because you do realize they are going to occur.  Move on focused and enjoying the journey.

20130206 104732 225x300 Take a walk with me

Take some time in nature.  Revitalize!  Breathe in the power of nature that surrounds you.  Enjoy this moment because you are coming up to a hill of a challenge.  Take it, push yourself rigth now!

20130206 104905 225x300 Take a walk with me

Awesome work! You did it.  You got over the hill.  How you feeling on your journey right now?  You have accomplished quite a bit up to this point. Enjoy the moment, remember your plan and let’s continue.

20130206 105050 225x300 Take a walk with me

Ok now if you are looking straight ahead pretty straight path however off to the side just a bit you can see a stop sign.  Plan for it now.  Know exactly what you will do once you reach the sign.  Don’t fret you can do it.

20130206 105234 225x300 Take a walk with me

Perfect now you have no obstacles in your way.  How do you enjoy the this part of your journey?  What are the thoughts you have here?  It is easy, flat and beautiful!

Pay attention to the signs! They are valuable in moving you forward to your planned goal!  Almost there.

20130206 105749 225x300 Take a walk with me

20130206 105806 225x300 Take a walk with me

So there you have it today.  A beautiful winter day here just outside of Toronto! Remember the journey may have all kinds of challenges and if you have your plan and stick with it you will succeed!  No matter what!

Thanks for accepting my invite to take a walk with me.  It would be awesome to read your comments below how you see the signs given to you on your health, wellness,  fitness or gluten free living  journey.

Let today be your day!  Talk soon,

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Walk With Me, Talk With Me, Enjoy The Journey
Do you get out & walk? Do you walk for health, do you walk for inspiration, do you walk to connect with friends & family? Join me it's a great day to walk

7 thoughts on “Walk With Me, Talk With Me, Enjoy The Journey

  1. Michelle Liew

    I do so agree, Wendy! I My post today is on this exact topic….photos of a walk through nature. It’s therapeutic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bonnie Gean

    I just started getting outside walking again and I’m on a mission to return to a healthy state. This was a wonderful walk and I hope you do one this winter!

    Nothing is more beautiful than snow on the ground. I’d love it if you shared one of those walks, too!

  3. Wendy

    I am on a plan now called “Love Yourself Whole” – it requires 10 min of walking a day. Although I did a spin class I still walked to pick up my lunch with a friend. Seems like I am on the “right” path! I feel GREAT being on the journey. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Anne

    Great post. I do a lot of walking and was hoping to walk the National Three Peaks (in the UK) later this month but I’ve developed an injury which means no walking! I’m gutted as I miss catching up with friends as we meander and put the world to rights. Not to mention the health benefits.

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Sorry to hear about you getting an injury! Can be a real frustration. Is it possible to find another form of exercise that will not cause further injury yet still allow you to be active? Let me know if I can help. Best Regards, Wendy


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