Weight Training For Women – Health Tip of the Day

By | January 4, 2013

weight training for women

Women on Weight Training – Health Tip of the Day

Do you have a health plan that includes weight training?  Does just hearing the term weight training for women freak you out just a little bit?  All it means is to exercise in a way to challenge your body, your muscles and your mind for your good health and your best life!

You see we know today that exercise will keep us young, active and healthy.  Yet we are living in a world where obesity and health issues are chronic.  It really is time to move forward with a training plan?

My Weight Training For Women Health Tip of the Day:

I personally really enjoy training and have been doing it for a great amount of my adult life.  I started bodybuilding as a way to lose weight in my ’20’s and was very successful at that time.  It was something that I became hooked on.  After a number of years struggling with illness got back to it 10 years ago and have been at it ever since.

What I see as an extra benefit of weight training for women is the empowering feeling being strong. This is how I feel and the other women I see who have found a way to enjoy it training with weights.

If you are a little freaked out by the thought of exercising with weights, how will you turn that thinking around for your better health?  What will you need to do to Win at Weight training?  For your health, your longevity and independence for your best life?

Make Weight Training For Women Simply With This Plan

Pick Three Non-Consecutive Days to Train – I like Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your choice will likely be influenced by your work or school schedule, but three days a week is a must.

Each Day You Will be Doing Full Body Workouts.

You’ll Need a Barbell and two Dumbbells at the Least – If you are training in a gym this is certainly available. If not pick yourself up an inexpensive set, along with a reasonable amount of weight plates. It’s a worthy investment that will last forever.

Do Three Sets of 15 reps for Each Exercise.

Alternate Between Each Exercise after Each set – When all three sets are done move on to the next two exercises and follow the same method.

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Sample Weight Training for Women Workout

Pair 1

Barbell Squat. Place barbell with weights across shoulders, squat down to just below parallel. Always squat in a rack or with a spotter.
Dumbbell Rows. Put one knee on bench hold dumbbell in opposite hand. Pull dumbbell to core. This works the middle back.

Pair 2

Pushups. These should be performed with tight abs and back using strict form.
Situps. Bent knee situps or crunches. If you can do more than 15 reps do so.

Pair 3

Pull Downs or Pullups. Both are fine upper back and overall strength building exercises. If you are able choose pullups over machine pull downs. There’s a reason they are the favorite exercise of athletes and the military.
Bicep Curls. These can be done with either a barbell, with dumbbells or even on a machine.

Pair 4

Dead Lift. Load a barbell on the floor. Bend your knees and pull the bar up to the middle quad as you straighten your legs. This builds total body strength. It is also credited by many trainers as offering a total body metabolic boost.
Leg Lifts. Lie on your back and raise your straight legs to the sky stopping at the “L” point. This builds the lower and side abdominal muscles.

Being strong and being lean and fit all come hand in hand. Dedicate yourself to this full body blast strength training even for a month and watch the new you burst through! Don’t be surprised if it becomes your favourite part of the program.

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Share with us in the comments, How will you begin weight training for your best life?

Women on Weights - Health Tip of the Day
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Women on Weights - Health Tip of the Day
Do you have an exercise plan for women on weights training? Just hearing this freak you out just a little bit? Don't worry it doesn't have to! Find out why
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  1. Stella Scott

    Love the new color, and not being attacked by "share me" as soon as I enter! 😉 Great improvements Wendy!
    The list of reasons why we should exercise daily and those small things that really matters are so important to point out. My impression is that people rarely think ahead when it comes to aging. Preventive mesures ar so important and those that have lived a healthy preventive life style are usually those that also grow old in a dignified manner.
    A good message you are sharing here!
    All the best,Stella

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