Wellness Resolution! – The Series Part 2

By | January 5, 2013

Wellness Resolution! – The Lifestyle Transformation Series Part 2

Wellness Resolution

Yesterday we introduced the Wellness ResolutionThe Series Part 1 where we discussed the 1st Pillar of Wellness – Thoughts!  

In Louise Hay’s Book, You Can  Heal Your Life: She says “Believe it or not we choose our thoughts”.   What do you notice about your thoughts when it comes to your wellness, fitness, weight loss?  When I first began this journey many years ago I would notice my thoughts would be of hard, struggle, I can’t!  

Today my thoughts around my health, wellness, and fitness are totally different.  I have always enjoyed weight training, fitness, sports and although for years they were very hard I now enjoy all of it again.  My thoughts now are I can not wait to exercise, go for a walk, and enjoy that time moving, getting fit and feeling good!

Again today you will need to have:

  • An open mind
  • A desire for positive change
  • A journal and pen
  • A Show Up as already successful mindset

Here is Part 2 where we discuss Clarity of Purpose for your Wellness Resolution:

With any Wellness Resolution and Weight Loss program, eating real organic food and exercise will be a part of the journey. Do the exercise now to create your clarity of purpose.

I have found the Turbulence Training to be very effective if you are planning to train at home!  Easy body weight exercises that anyone can do right in the living room.

Turbulence TrainingResources on your Wellness Resolution Journey:

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Share your comments and answer this question :

 Are you creating Clarity of Purpose on your Wellness Resolution journey?

Wellness Resolution - The Series Part 2
Article Name
Wellness Resolution - The Series Part 2
Here is Part 2 of the Wellness Resolution Series where we discuss gaining Clarity of Purpose for your journey! Check it out here & be sure to share comments
Wendy Bottrell

4 thoughts on “Wellness Resolution! – The Series Part 2

  1. Jan

    Clarity of thought and purpose – great tips, for weight loss and life!
    Thanks for sharing your video – the going on size rather than weight is really useful.

  2. Stella Scott

    Referring to Louise L Hay alway sets me in a state of gratitude. That book changed so much fo me and became my favourite gift for years to come. I don't know how many birthday gifts it became. 🙂
    Yes most certainly does our body and wellness start in our minds, and with our love for ourselves!
    Keep it up Wendy! 🙂

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Yes Heal Your Life has been one of my favorite books for years as well. I go back to it on a regular basis and always get some good from it. Thanks for dropping by!


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