Wellness Resolution! – The Series Part 1

By | January 5, 2013

Wellness Resolution! – The Lifestyle Transformation Series Part 1

Wellness Resolution

What comes to mind when you think about a Wellness Resolution? For me, a wellness resolution is about gaining a balance in the 6 Pillars of Health that include: thinking, breathing, food/nutrition, hydration, exercise, and sleep.  So today I am beginning a series for anyone who is interested in pursuing their own Personal Wellness Resolution!

“How terrible would it be if the mind said, ‘let’s go conquer the world’ and the body said, ‘I can’t even get out of bed’? Jim Rohn

My journey of wellness began well over 15 years ago.  I had been in 2 car accidents within 8 months and that left me with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  Making a long story short what I can say about wellness, health and fitness is it can be fun, exciting and totally a doable journey for anyone who wants to begin.

In the last more than 15 years, I have gone from a size 22 to a size 14.  What is more important than the size is that I feel great, have more vitality today than I have had for most of my adult life, no longer live with pain, or struggle to move.

The series I am sharing here is what I have done for myself and in working with others.

To begin this Wellness Resolution program you will need the following:

  • Be willing to SHOW UP as already successful
  • Have an open mind
  • Have a Journal & Pen
  • A strong Desire for Change



Tomorrow will continue with Creating Your Clarity of Purpose!

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you and you will be tbrain thinkingomorrow where your thoughts take you” – James Allen

Mindset is at the base of our Wellness Resolution!

In Louise Hay’s Book You Can  Heal Your Life She says:

“Believe it or not we choose our thoughts”

“Every thought we think is creating our future

“The gateway to wisdom & knowledge are always open”

“The only thing we are ever dealing with is a thought, and a thought can be changed”

Check out the Turbulence Training program because Exercise is an important part of our Wellness Resolution.


Join The Wellness Resolution today and be sure to get your free Step by Step Guide to Optimal Wellness

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Wellness Resolution - The Series Part 1
Article Name
Wellness Resolution - The Series Part 1
What comes to mind when you think of Wellness Resolution? Balance with the 6 Pillars of Health! Thinking, Breathing, Food, Hydration, Exercise & Sleep
Wendy Bottrell

5 thoughts on “Wellness Resolution! – The Series Part 1

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Super! Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow. Let me know how I can help you achieve your “feel healthy” goal this year! Wendy

  1. Liz

    Very interesting, Wendy. The first point really spoke to me – showing up as already successful. I think that's the missing piece for me. Thank you!

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Thanks for dropping by! Yes “Showing up” is a powerful concept! Let me know if I can help. Best Regards, Wendy


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