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Wendy Bottrell Editor of Lifestyle Transformation

Wendy Bottrell, Lifestyle Transformation From The Inside Out would like to welcome you to our site!  On this page, we will share with you about editor Wendy Bottrell. Here is her story!

Wendy Bottrell

Who is Wendy Bottrell?

Wendy’s  journey into the Health and Fitness profession was no accident.  Wendy always wanted to teach and has been doing so since she was a teenager.

She has successfully taught swimming, tennis, ice hockey and many other sports.  And eventually began teaching/training/ coaching in businesses environments.  First, she started teaching about product knowledge to salespeople. As she developed in her career she began coaching salespeople how to sell the products she represented by making personal sales calls and working with them to increase their business with the Corporate Canada and Government sectors.

Yet Wendy’s heart did not sing doing this kind of work. There was no passion in what she was doing. Wendy left that industry in 1995 after 2 consecutive car accidents left me with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  That was the icing on the cake for her health.

You see in her early teens she was told she had Sjögren’s and then in her mid 20’s  was told she had Ankylosing Spondylitis.  All three are considered autoimmune problems.  Interestingly Wendy has discovered she is Gluten Sensitive and this has been the most empowering discovery she has had in improving how she feels, thinks as well as increased her energy.

Join Wendy Bottrell for your Steps To Personal Transformation From the Inside Out today!

At that time Wendy began to consider what she would do with her future.  Wendy had gotten into network marketing just prior to the car accidents and the company was a health/wellness company.  Now she had limited success at the time with the business, however, the products stuck with her.

The health and wellness products she began taking way back then have kept her prescription drug free since 1995!  As Wendy continued to heal from all the health challenges, she began to look to her new career.

She began by taking Life Coaching with the Coaches Training Institute and felt as though it was home.  It was such an amazing experience for her and through coaching realized that her athletics and love of sports was missing from her life because of the years of feeling so poorly.

Wendy’s Specific Steps To Transformation Were

So Wendy did a couple of things a) enrolled in a Personal Training Certification program and b) started reffing hockey.

In 2001 Wendy Bottrell successfully passed her Personal Training Certification program and has been training ever since. Wendy reffed hockey for 10 years. Now that may not sound like a big deal however she was 70 lbs overweight when she started and hadn’t been on skates for 20 years.  When she began to look for a job at a gym, the first few gyms she applied to work at looked at her as though she was crazy!  Wendy was not able to get hired because of being overweight.

So she had to take control of her weight and over the next many months began to reduce her weight until she was  70 lbs lighter.

This was the beginning of a new life.  Over the next few years, Wendy rec’d a number of certifications in fitness, nutrition, holistic lifestyle coaching and stress management coaching.  And you could tell she began to feel better and better.

Why Work With Wendy?

Today Wendy is coaching women who are serious about living gluten-free and 45+ to tap into their lifestyle transformation from the inside out! Wendy’s ideal client is a woman over 45 years old who has achieved all her goals in business, family, and yet she is still searching for the solution to her health, fitness, mind-body as well as spirit.   Her ideal client knows there is more to her in life and is looking for a coach who has been there just like her to coach/teach and train her to tap into the inner athlete for success in these areas.

Wendy understands the challenges of having success in so many areas of life yet when it comes to health and well-being needing a coach for support on this journey. If you have tried all the latest “diets”, “programs” and still living with more weight than you want, every step is painful, and haven’t had a great nights sleep in years, know that it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Working with Wendy allows clients to be clear on achieving their fitness, weight loss goals & create a healthier lifestyle. Her no-nonsense approach along with her passion allows clients to reach their potential & their goals in a non-judgemental environment. Wendy works with Clients, coaching one to one in Toronto! Let Wendy know how she can help you live the life you believe in your heart is possible if you just knew how! Wendy

lifestyle transformation

Wendy is also very passionate about getting fit and shares ideas on her site Simply Fit At Home.  She shares ideas, tips, and products to help you get fit at home.

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Join Wendy Bottrell for your Steps To Personal Transformation From the Inside Out today!






Let today be your day! Talk Soon,

PS – Wendy Bottrell believes in exercise and fitness for your best life.

Wendy Bottrell Editor of Lifestyle Transformation
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Wendy Bottrell Editor of Lifestyle Transformation
Wendy Bottrell, Lifestyle Transformation From The Inside Out Editor would like to welcome you to our site! Learn more about Wendy here
Wendy Bottrell

4 thoughts on “Wendy Bottrell Editor of Lifestyle Transformation

  1. Susan

    Hi Wendy, My daughter was recently diagnosed with lupus, and I have all kinds of food intolerances. You website is extremely helpful. I’m glad you contacted me so I could also find you, thanks!

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Welcome Susan! Let me know if I can help. Thanks for connecting. Best Regards, Wendy

  2. Fit Corner

    Reaching 45 really does create big changes on someone’s health. My aunt has just recently found out that she is allergic to seafood especially shellfish. Any thoughts on that?

    1. Wendy Bottrell Post author

      Thanks for connecting! Hopefully your aunt has been tested and is doing what her doctors has suggested to be safe. Best Regards, Wendy


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