What does Living Gluten Free Mean?

By | September 1, 2014

Living Gluten FreeWhat does Living Gluten Free  Mean?

What does living gluten free mean for you?  This thought has been perculating for me over the past few weeks. I see and hear many individuals who have been diagnosed as being gluten sensitive or Celiac, trying to live their old life in a new way.  In my mind this is not possible! So what does living gluten free mean for me, it means living a lifestyle transformation in a way that lifts up my health!

For me when I think about what does living gluten free  mean, I think about feeling great, having more energy than I have had in years. I feel absolutely wonderful after eating home cooked real food. I have enjoyed food more since February of 2012 than I have ever in my life!  I am able to think better than I have in years, my memory is great! My thoughts clearer!  I have had very few episodes of digestive issues!  Well I hope you are getting the point? Living gluten free for me means feeling better.

So when I went gluten free in 2012, it was a drastic change!  The only foods in our home are real foods, and the majority of those foods come from the farm where the crops are grown biodynamically and the animals are grass fed and raised! Everything is cooked from scratch with all these amazing foods!

Yes it takes time and work! It takes time to plan meals, get the right ingredients, clean those ingredients, and cook them for a wonderful meal. Does it take as much time as most think? NO!  Yet it does take time. Is it worth it? YES! This journey is about me transforming into a healthier, better me!  What that is living with an intention of wellbeing!

Now back to what does living gluten free mean?

For me, living gluten free really means making those lifestyle transformation choices that are permanent!  Making the decision that I will be healthy first and foremost!  Realizing that junk food, processed food, going out for that Italian dinner will not be a part of my life any longer, and knowing that this is ok because the benefit is I feel good! It means learning how to care for me in a way that lifts up my health! It means not wavering from my gluten free living plan!  It means learning how to cook gluten free meals. It means learning how to create gluten free snacks! It means learning how to travel living gluten free! It means learning how to socialize living gluten free even when friends and family are not supportive! It means putting in the necessary time to learn how to accomplish all of this and more as I continue on the journey.

Because once you realize that what you eat is a direct result in how you feel moment to moment, day to day, change will happen for you if that is truly what you desire.

Here is a list of the foods you will have to eliminate right away.

Yes it can be challenging, friends may not understand, there may be times of frustration and temptation, however if you put the value on you that you are worth it, then you can work through it all! This is what it means to me in living gluten free!  Being free to make my decisions for my health that uplift me to feel as good as I can day to day!

What does it mean for you to be living gluten free? Share your comments below!

Let today be your day! Talk soon,

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What Does Living Gluten Free Mean?
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What Does Living Gluten Free Mean?
What does living gluten free mean? I hear many people who have been diagnosed as gluten sensitive/Celiac, living their old life in a new way. Not possible

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