What Motivates, Motivates! Your Core Reasons!

By | July 3, 2014

  What Motivates, Motivates! Your Core Reasons!

Have you ever heard the saying, what motivates, motivates?

what motivates

I learned this idea many years ago and at that time it seemed like a huge revelation to me.  Today this thought came to me again and it made me wonder what does it really mean?

How Do You Motivate Yourself?

Is motivation something that comes from outside of ourselves, like a coach or a mentor? Or does motivation come from the inside?  Do you or can you rewire your brain to keep you motivated?   Is it your Core Reasons to reach a goal, accomplish a task that motivates you?

I have written many times about finding your WHY and then taking action to accomplish your goal.  In business, we hear this all the time.  Find your WHY and you will never be stuck again!  The why is the 95% and the how is the 5%.  Yet so many feel it is the other way around.

So is it true what motivates, motivates?

How can you unlock your motivation now?

Many times when we are setting goals to be healthy it seems that the focus is on the wrong things – you know eliminating diets that make you miserable and this affects your motivation!  I don’t think you can be motivated and miserable, do you? You may just need to find a better solution and quit the wrong things to reach your goal.  Now, this is something that you do need to be careful with because sometimes the diet may be just what you need and you are close to succeeding, so tread carefully on this one!

The other situation that may challenge your motivation in the contrast in your life.

Contrast is who you relate to or who you may look at as a model.  So for example, if you decide you will walk to exercise and yet you have a friend that is a marathon walker you contrast may be skewed! This may cause you to feel unfit, and unmotivated!  So be careful who you contrast with!

I do believe in the saying what motivates, motivate and have learned a long time ago to figure out what causes me to take action, to stay the course when there is no help, no support and I feel all alone in my goals.  When I have a clear focus on my core reasons for the goal, nothing will stop me.

The example I can share with you is my reason to live gluten-free.  I do this for my health, for how I feel, how I think, for my energy and for my long-term health.  This is so clear to me that nothing will get in the way for me when it comes to eating foods that are not good for me.

So what motivates you?

Are you doing all you can do? Do you have core reasons that keep you on track to stay motivated?

core reasons


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Share your motivation successes below.

What Motivates Motivates! Core Reasons!
Article Name
What Motivates Motivates! Core Reasons!
Have you ever heard the saying, what motivates, motivates? I learned this idea years ago and at that time it seemed like a huge revelation to me. Still is!
Wendy Bottrell

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