Women Over 40 How Will You Transform?

By | May 12, 2015

women over 40Women Over 40 How Will You Transform?

Today I am thinking about women over 40 how will you transform? You see way back in January of this year, oh my where does the time go? My mother passed away and I made the commitment to Renew in 2015!  The last year has been extremely challenging for me in many ways. Stress has been the biggest challenge for me. The thing about Stress is the many ways it manifests.

For me it has been exhausting and with that my exercise/fitness has not been up to the standard I would like. Meaning I have not trained consistently over the past year.

And now I am on my way back to getting fit as a part of my renewal plan.

The other day I was listening to Shawna K, creator of Female Fat Loss Over 40 and it was an inspirational interview. You see Shawna is over 50, in great shape and helps other women over 40 to do the same.

As a part of the women over 40 tribe

I have my beliefs about training and to some they seem hardcore however when I listen to a success like Shawna discuss how vital it is for women to gain muscle, exercise/train regularly I get excited. It is my belief that training is quite enjoyable, empowering and confidence building.

Now here are some of the exciting topics Shawna discussed in her interview that I am hoping you will find useful if you are a women over 40 looking to transform how you look, how you feel and what level of health you are living with! All are vitally important for a long, independent, healthy life.

Many women have become sedentary as they are aging and with this they have a loss of lean muscle. This can be a cause of fat gain. You see muscle is metabolically active and fat is dead. Therefore it is easier to gain weight because there is less muscle on the body.

To live a healthy independent life women over 40 must begin to gain muscle NOWfat loss

Everything we do requires us to use our muscles. Go up and down the stairs. Carry your groceries. Lift your kids or grandkids. Play with your kids or grandkids. The less muscle you have the less function you have. This is so important for us as women over 40 to get and understand. Because if we don’t get this point the future is not a pretty picture. Everything can be a challenge.

This is one of the biggest reasons I have such a passion about training with weights. Especially kettlebells for me however it really doesn’t matter if you choose bodyweight training, dumbbells or kettlebells. What is important is to get started.

Ok, so you might be thinking there is no chance for me, because I have been inactive for so long. Not true! You can improve muscle even if you have never trained before.

It is never too late for the women over 40!

You can gain muscle and burn fat.

Now YOU MUST forget about the steady state cardio training. You know the long hours of running on a treadmill, or training for a marathon just because you think that is what you SHOULD be doing. If you have a passion for that kind of training go ahead however you will also be required to add in some strength training. Long slow boring cardio is hard on the body, you don’t develop core strength or upper body strength which you want for your better health.

You will want to do training that is intense in short bursts! OR High Intensity Interval Training. There are many benefits and one of the biggest benefits is Burst training doesn’t take that much time to accomplish. One more excuse gone!

20 minute burst (hiit) will eliminate the time objection for sure.

I can tell you this training method is effective and can be a lot of fun. It is definitely challenging.

Resistance Training with HIIT is Shawna’s suggestion. Doing push up, plank, lunges, squats, dumbbell rows are a few examples. And you do not have to go to a gym. You can training is a small amount of space in your home, just like I do.

So most women tell me they don’t know where to start. What I can suggest to you is to get Shawna K’s Fat Loss For Women Over 40 program. You can work along with Shawna as she instructs you with her follow along videos. Use Shawna ss your own virtual personal trainer so you can succeed at getting fit, being healthy and looking great as women over 40!

women over 40

Now if the time to feel good in your own skin!

Let us know how you train? What challenges are you having? How can we help? Let’s do this together, Share your stories here below.

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As a women over 40 how do you choose to transform?

Women Over 40 How Will You Transform?
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Women Over 40 How Will You Transform?
Today I am thinking about women over 40 how will you transform? To live a healthy independent life women must begin to gain muscle NOW! It's not too late!
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